domingo, 16 de janeiro de 2011

Últimos trabalhos de Chris Garver

Confira fotos dos trabalhos mais recentes de Chris Garver, tatuador conhecido pela atuação no programa Miami Ink. Chris postou as fotos em seu blog e adicionou comentários sobre cada uma:

This is a tattoo design that I’ve only done once before so i was super stoked to do it again. The traditional tattoo design is called the Pharo’s Horses and it was a really popular design about a 100 years ago!! Everything comes back to style eventually… maybe biomechanical and tribal will be popular again in 2092!

I did this tattoo on a gentleman from Sweden. He told me it was Latin for ‘together until death’. He was with his wife so I decided I would do my best Valentine’s Day style lettering.

My friend James from Denmark brought in a friend of his to get a parrot tattoo. I haven’t done a parrot tattoo in probably ten years, so it was pretty fun!

Today, I did a very unusual tattoo on a tattoo artist from Belgium. He asked me for a duckling  with cherry blossom petals floating around it. For some reason, it was really difficult for me to draw because I couldn’t find any good references. Ducks aren’t something that I tattoo everyday!! Once I got the stencil on, it was really fun to tattoo.

This tattoo I did today on the charity auction winner; on a doctor named Ruth. I did my best not to crack Dr. Ruth jokes.

This client wanted me to tattoo his happy place on him, with my signature. I was a little concerned that it might look like a strip of bacon from a distance!! He wanted me to go for it anyhow, and it worked out better than I thought it would.

Pinta tudo!

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